About US

Everyone and everything around us is creatively built and has unique features. NJD-Workz focuses on magnifying and capturing the unique features of a place, person or product.
At NJD-Workz our mobile photography concept allows us to take professional studio-like photo's wherever you are comfortable, we also provide an array of printing services.

Mobile Photography

All you need to do is book an appointment online and agree on a location, we will do the rest.

Printing Solutions

We specialize in an array of printing services that include canvas, acrylic, vinyl and photo paper. We also print banners, brochures, leaflets, business card etc.

Stretching Services

This is a service whereby we stretch the canvas for clients onto a 20 mm MDF wood

Mission Statement

To become the most recognized customer promoted online gateway that provides creative, high quality customized photography and printing solutions.

Company Slogan

In Photography, each different angle depicts a whole new saga By this we are trying to tell our audience that photography to us is a way of telling a story. It conveys a message that NJD Workz is open and creative with it come to trying new concepts.