Our Finesse

Building Evacuation Maps

We print Building Evacuation Maps on different mediums, such on luminous sheets, or high density sheets. For us evacuation maps are not just guiding people to safety, its also about making them look good so they compliment the interiors of the building.

We work with epoxy, acrylic and we even do metallic edged evacuation maps to give your building interiors a beautiful finish.

Glass Frosting

"But out of limitations come creativity" - Debbie Allen

We do this just because it's so 'cool'. Frosting on glass can be customized to a design of your choice so whether it's a name, logo or a unique design that you want frosted, we will make it happen. Good to know...Frosting also helps blur out harsh light and is free from harmful chemicals.

Luminous Technology

Precautionary signs can help to reduce accidents by alerting people before they get to those hazardous areas.

We can help you caution people to walk and not run, step up, watch their step, use handrails, and to be extra careful in general. Our signs can do a lot to reduce the number of injuries and accidents at your facility. These luminous signs are affordable and made from durable materials and will help you effectively alert people to floor conditions for many years. Our signs and stickers can be customized, and they glow in the dark hence being extremely cost effective for emergency evacuation stairways in case of fire or power failure.

The can be customized to different shapes and sizes.